Lil’ Wayne “Pours Up” on DJ Raj Smoove mixtape

Lil’ Wayne “Pours Up” on DJ Raj Smoove mixtape

Despite Lil’ Wayne’s many obstacles, like recent feuds with Cash Money label mates, he never fails to give the fans what they want.

In the midst of what appears to be the rebirth of lean infatuation, Lil’ Wayne’s “Pour Up” tailgates Future’s DS2 and reminds us who the real Styrofoam king is.

While Wayne notably steered away from his popular lean references on his 2015 project “Sorry 4 the Wait 2.” The DJ Raj Smoove The Greatest DJ in the World Vol. 1 mixtape track “Pour Up” is evocative of early 2000’s track “Me and My Drank.” Here Wayne revisits his earlier work  with a slowed down tempo that he uses to  profess his unyielding love for the combination of promethazine, codeine and soda. A love that seems so distant from his recent music that HNHH suggests could be an archived “unreleased oldie from the vault.”

Regardless of when it was actually recorded, “Pour Up” certainly has that classic Lil’ Wayne feel. Take a listen below and let us know what you think in the comment section.




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