Lil Wayne Joins Jay-Z as Co-Owner of TIDAL, Celebrates with "Glory" (Single)

Weezy F. Baby and the F is for the Free Weezy Album that is on the way as the proof emerged today for “Glory”. There were more than a few reasons to celebrate as Lil Wayne has joined forces with Jay-Z to become a co-owner of TIDAL. So, does this mean TIDAL users will begin to get more than their fair share of early Wayne releases (perfect timing with #FWA on the way)?

It appears that way as he wasted no time using that exclusive tag to further build the excitement behind him and Jay-Z teaming up with lots of Wayne music in the vault. That’s what the fans want and that is what he intends to give, stating:

“TIDAL is a great way to share music directly with fans. I’m hyped for people to hear my latest track and can’t wait to show fans love through a special TIDAL X.”

Check out the brand new Lil Wayne single “Glory” below and let us know what you think about the Mr. Carter move for TIDAL.

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