This morning we caught up with producer, Rich Nice and Oakland rapper Lil Mikey TMB. Rich Nice clues us in on his new ventures; it turns out he’s been working on a web series called “Pound,” which is based on cannabis culture.

Lil Mikey speaks on hustling and pimping back in the day. The bay area rapper also look us backto the time he got caught for credit card fraud and getting shot. He explains what propelled him to change his lifestyle and Money B’s role in getting him into rap music. Lil Mikey breaks down his newest mixtape Eastside Nino, which features 21 Savage and more. He also introduced us to DJ New Era who speaks us on meeting and linking up with Mikey.

We also talk about the Raiders leaving their hometown in Oakland for Las Vegas. Mikey says he wants to be represent for the bay at a time when everything seems to be moving away from the city.

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