Lil Kim Talks Motherhood, Hardcore 2K14, Iggy Azaela & Her Influence On The Game

As if she wasn’t already blunt before, the Queen Bee herself Lil Kim recently sat down with Revolt TV to discuss collaborating with Iggy Azalea, being an inspiration to other female artists and how motherhood has changed her outlook on life.

After giving birth earlier this summer to an adorable daughter named Royal Reign, she explained “Ya know, I guess motherhood has just made me not give a f*ck, ya know. You just don’t care. Everything I do is for her now.”

Touching on the influence she’s had on the game she noted, “I’ve been a trendsetter since I walked into this industry. It’s a great thing to have people follow me and want to dress like me and want to be like me, that’s the most rewarding thing about being in the industry. I haven’t had an album out in years, I haven’t had a single out in years, and you can catch me trending at any moment.”

As for the generation that came up after her, she goes on to bring up Iggy Azalea, who she praises as being real, and revealed an upcoming collaboration between the two, though she hasn’t decided if it’s going to be for a traditional album or a double package project.

Having just released Hardcore 2K14a subtle nod to Hard Core  which helped solidify her in 1996, Kim is telling fans to “expect a little mixture of everything.”

Watch It For Yourself:


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