Lil Durk & Logic Are "Tryna Tryna" Turn Up

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Chicago, it’s Lil Durk city and he is tryna turn up. In his latest release, our friend Lil Durk brings in the rubix cube genius — Logic.

What do you get when a young G takes his (Englewood) Chicago roots and combines it with a white kid from a small town in Maryland? You get Lil Durk and Logic, “Tryna Tryna” turn up. Take a listen to Def Jams own, as he creates his own path up-out-of the violence of his hood and into something lighter and fun in this track.


Keep an eye out for this kid Lil Durk, as he tries to stay out of law enforcements POV and keep his head in the game. Peep the interview he did with Sway as we find the heart in the young thug; and find laughing and in good spirits, more than you’ve seen him ever do before.

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