Lil Dicky Talks Judaism, New Music, New Head & Comments on Tom Hanks' Son Using the "N-Word" + Freestyles Live

From Philly to San Fransisco, Lil Dicky has gone from music video legend to rap extraordinaire.  We had the pleasure of sitting down with Dicky as he broke down the success of his music, being Jewish and his thoughts on Tom Hanks’ son’s sub-par word choice.

Going from working at an advertising agency one day to racking up a million YouTube views the next day Lil Dicky speaks on his viral video success with hits like “Ex Boyfriend” and “White Dude.”  Dicky fills us in on writing story lines and dipping into his bar mitzvah money to fund his spectacular visuals.

Growing up in a Jewish home we hear about what Dicky’s parents had to say about him becoming a rapper and how they now come to his shows and bust a move or two.  We also a revelation about his hate of listening to his old music, a definite sign of progress from the Philly native.

Dicky also comments on Tom Hanks’ son and the controversy around him using the “n-word” with no remorse.  Check out the full interview below along with a A1 display of spitting live in an exclusive freestyle as well as a brand new Dicky song titled “Save That Money” featuring Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan that we world premiered on Sway In The Morning.

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