Lil Dicky Recruits 30 Celebs to Talk Global Warming in New Video ‘Earth’

Lil Dicky Recruits 30 Celebs to Talk Global Warming in New Video ‘Earth’

The unlikely duo of Lil Dicky and Leonardo DiCaprio have linked up to play some pickle ball on occasion and help to save the planet in the spare time. Both are passionate about the health of the rock we live on, as the should. But the great thing about them is they are actually doing something about it.

Lil Dicky is using his voice to bring awareness to the growing concerns over global warming and he is not alone. He has recruited over 30 big name celebrities to participate in one of the biggest and best collaborative songs ever made. Snoop, Ed Sheeran, Kevin Heart, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber are just a handful of the names, that were eager to jump on board.

Dicky returned back to Sway In the Morning where he made freestyle magic to the tune of 19 million views, to talk about this great effort and how it all came together.

“Earth” was officially released today on Earth Day and has already amassed over 25 million views. So this will this be one of the biggest songs of Dicky’s career, and he will not take a single dime for it. All of the proceeds are going to The Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation to help improve the well being of all earth’s inhabitants. Watch “Earth” below.

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