Lil Dicky Performs "Lemme Freak" in Heather B and Tracy G Lap Live In Studio During Concert Series

The Sway in the Morning concert series brought Lil Dicky through the studio for a live performance that was an interesting mix between clever “hold on what did he say” moments and pure entertainment.

His brand new album ‘Professional Rapper‘ is home to the two tracks “Work (Paid for That?)” and “Lemme Freak” he gave us firsthand, which is available via iTunes right now. Spending a little bit of time in both Heather B and Tracy G’s lap during the hilarious live rendition of “Lemme Freak” left everyone in a place between dying laughing and speechless. His style is definitely unique and you can tell he has a lot of fun behind the mic.

Check out the in-studio performance from Lil Dicky below and leave us with your thoughts!

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