Lil' Debbie about her musical influences, future aspirations and how it feels to be a female emcee!


Fresh on the release of her latest project California Sweetheart Pt.2, we had the chance to catch up with Lil’ Debbie and get her thoughts on the new release. In our chat we talk to Lil’ Debbie about her musical influences, what makes her standout from other emcees in the industry and her career aspirations. Check out our convo below:

Interview by @TicaraDevone

TD: When did you know that rapping was the career for you?

Lil’ Debbie: I never really knew after it fell in my lap I just kept going with it. I think the day I realized there’s no turning back after I released “Ratchets” when I saw the effect it had.

TD: What makes California Sweetheart, Pt.2 different than the previous project?

Lil Debbie: It shows everyone thats been following me that im evolving the sound is different it shows everybody what I can do, but my next  project will be even better, i just keep growing.

TD: What is your favorite record on California Sweetheart Pt. 2 and why?

Lil’ Debbie: My favorite record is a tie between On Sight and Bussit two totally different songs. I love “On Sight” because of the hook and [t]he last verse my best friend Shitro Sanchez is on the second verse and my friend Jay Owens is the one singing. I just feel like this song shows a more serious side to me where as “Buss It” which was produced by DJ Shake shows a funner naughtier side of me.

TD: What is your songwriting process? Do you hear the beat first and start writing?

Lil’ Debbie: I definitely think of song concept before I hear a beat it’s like a puzzle for me and th[e]n I sit down with a writer and collaborate on the lyrics and it’s always a learning experience for me.

TD: How does Lil’ Debbie stand out from the other female artists in the music industry?

Lil’ Debbie: I would just say I make catchy music, I don’t try to be better than anybody everything i do comes to me natural. I never planned being a rapper but somehow this was in my path. I’m not signed. Everything I’ve done has been created from my literal two hands.

TD: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Lil’ Debbie: of course I’m going to say somebody way out of my league like Cam’ron or Missy Elliot.

TD: What’s the best part of being a female emcee?

Lil’ Debbie: I would say just evolving as a woman while creating music and being able to share your mood swing[s] and outlandish theories with your friends and just empower every woman to boss up.

TD: Who and what inspires you to continue to work in the music industry?

Lil’ Debbie: My fans inspire me honestly I end up noticing I inspire and empower a lot of kids, women, adults to just wear what you want and to express your opinions the way you want and that no matter your size or color you can always get what you want.

TD: What heights would you like to achieve as an artist? Grammy’s?

Lil’ Debbie: I don’t even dream about things like that. It would be nice but I honestly don’t dream big like that. I just want to live regular, be comfortable, and be surrounded by loving funny company.

TD: If you could sum up Lil’ Debbie in one-word, what would it be and why?

Lil’ Debbie: Real.

Check out Lil’ Debbie’s new project California Sweetheart Pt. 2 and connect with Lil’ Debbie right here on Twitter!

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