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Lil Bibby stops by to encourage our youth to stay in school and Listens as a Group of Local High School Students Freestyle Live

Not very often do Hip-Hop head honcho’s take time out of their rigorous schedules to make sure that their influence on our youth is a positive one.

Well just recently, live on Sway in the Morning, Chicago native Rapper, Lil Bibby did just that.

A group of high school students actually came down to the Shade 45 studios and sat in during a live broadcast with Bibby, Sway, and Heather B.

After giving a brief introduction and interview with Bibby, Sway opened the floor to the kids and gave them the opportunity to ask Bibby about anything they had in mind.

The Chicago native briefly discussed his beat making process and his influence in the samples that are featured in his music as well as the transition from Chi-Town to LA.

We’ve have to say that the team over at Shade 45 are very proud of Lil Bibby for recently completing the GED program after dropping out of high school.

Check it out below:


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