West Coast native wordsmith, producer, speaker and more, Lil’ B is back. Today the artist returns with some interesting news now that we are getting deeper into the NBA Playoffs. Today Lil’ B Breaks Down ‘The Curse’ On James Harden, opening up about its origins and how it can be broken.

Lil’ B spoke to Aaron Dodson for a new Undefeated feature and stated: “It all started when I seen James Harden doing the Lil B cooking dance sports celebration on live TV. First, I wanted to just make sure that he knew what he was doing, ’cause I know he got it from me. I wanted to just make sure that he knew who the creator of this dance that he was doing was. He just refused to acknowledge me.” The artist went on to explain that “Just acknowledge Lil B. Acknowledge the Lil B cooking dance sports celebration, and that’s all you have to do,” going further to add “I know he’s busy with the season, and I know he’s in the playoffs right now currently and doing pretty well. But there’s some things that just need to be explained and acknowledged, and he’s free to go after that — and I’ll be rooting for him. Until then, there’s some questions that need to be answered.”

Interested in more? Check out the full feature at the Undefeated and learn all about ‘the curse’ asap. Let us know your thoughts and keep it locked for more from Lil’ B and more from the 2017 NBA Playoffs coming soon!

Photo provided by Lil’ B

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