Lift up your "Suicide Doors" for Skyzoo [Listen]

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Skyzoo is preparing his third album, Music For My Friends — but before that album is released, Skyzoo wants to tease us with this track titled, “Suicide Doors“.

The layering of instrumentals make this joint a hit, that brings back the sounds of classic New York Hip-Hop. Skyzoo spits,

“Survival of the fittest, posted where it’s probable for pitchin /

And suicide doors is the object of the mission /

You either outdoors like I got it, come and get it

A smooth saxophone sensually sneaks it’s way into the track, creating an all around beautiful tune as the Brooklyn, New York native continues in with a second verse:

Fast cars / Fast broads / Fast money / It really ain’t that hard /

But every dollar you make comes with a set of eyes /

And a set of loose lips if ever you ever hide

Take a listen to the track below:


The then, up and coming rapper Skyzoo sat down with Sway to deliver a crazy back and forth cypher with another artist named Torae for Sway in the Morning. Watch the cypher, below:

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