Leighton Meester Talks Musical Influences, Difference Between The Music and Movie Industries & Playing a Lesbian in "Life Partners"

With her new film “Life Partners” recently hitting theaters and her new album “Heartstrings” in stores now, Leighton Meester joins the Sway In The Morning Studios.

With her role in Gossip Girl in the past, Meester describes her role on the show to Sway who is a big fan.  Transitioning into music, Meester talks about first getting involved in pop music and having to make a change to release music independently.  Writing all the songs on her current album we hear some of Meester’s musical influences that range from Tom Petty to Stevie Nicks to Outkast.

Growing up both acting and singing in church, we hear Meester compare the music and movie industries as she talks about her current role in “Life Partners” and playing a lesbian.  Watch the exclusive interview below and make sure to head to iTunes to download “Heartstrings.”

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