Leaked Track by Kendrick Lamar & Ty Dolla $ign Dedicated to "LA"

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Los Angeles, California — stand up!

The city of Angels, L.A.: where the grass is greener, the sun shines a little brighter and beaches are open 365 days out of the year. Wow, Angelino’s are truly blessed, in more ways than one and often times, are so spoiled they take even the smallest things like 80 degree Winter weather, for granted.


The King Kunta of Cali.: Kendrick Lamar, and his friend Ty Dolla $ign are here to remind us of the blessings in L.A.  The ratchet seems to have left Ty and he has  found love — showcasing a much more somber side of himself. But staying true-to-form, he manages to give a quick shout out Inglewood, Compton and Watts — and the hottest nightlife spots in L.A. like Greytsone (Manor) and Supperclub, in the softest way Ty Dolla $Sign can possibly do so.

K.Dot of course shows up and murders his sixteen, spitting:

God let me right my wrongs /

God let me write this song / God in the middle with a mark /

Let me hit the pawn shop / Momma said we need a loan /

God let me dedicate this, to the 80 percent that ain’t never comin’ home  …

Sheesh, that man never fails with his bars. In addition to the surprises within this leaked track — correct me if I’m wrong, but this track jumps off with David Guetta’s radio phenomenon EDM tune, “Titanium” featuring Sia with the chorus,

Stone heart / Machine gun / Firing at the ones who run /

Stone heart / Loves bulletproof glass”

Take a listen to L.A.’s newest anthem:



Remember when Kendrick came through Sway In The Morning? No? Let me remind you: The Compton King, was in NYC for his very first headlining show at SOB’s and came by to the studio to kick a few bars.

He obviously left us in awe, duh. Watch:

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