Laura Dern Opens Up About Friendship with Tupac, Loving Hip-Hop + “Wilson” Movie

The lovely Laura Dern joins us for an enjoyable interview on Sway in the Morning. Before jumping into discussion about Wilson, hitting theaters this Friday, we dig deeper and talk about her acting-beginnings.

Since, both her parents are actors themselves, they always encouraged her to play complicated characters.

“Use your voice, everyone is your brother and sister… you get in the streets and you speak your mind,” Laura Dern’s mom would tell her.

After stuntin’ in studio with a big rock on her finger, she later revealed that she is indeed single, and dispels rumors about a romantic relationship with Common. But she did open up about her love of hip-hop, being Tupac’s friend, and going to Chuck D’s shows, back in the day.

Watch our fun interview with Laura Dern, and catch Wilson in theaters this Friday.

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