Larry King on Trump’s Dangerous Path & Whether or Not He’ll Vote For Him, Interviewing Music Legends and Hilarious Take on Marriage

Video by YSKSK

Larry King has made a career out of asking questions, very good questions that have seen him through 7 decades of broadcasting. Joining Sway in the Morning he speaks to Sway about his love for his work, sports and his family.

Starting things off making a joke about Action Bronson and Mayhem Lauren’s “Mr 2 Face,” King opens up about interviewing famous musicians from Duke Ellington to Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Prince. Revealing that Prince once told him only to go by King he leans over to Sway to let him know he should never use Calloway.

Speaking further on his career he transitions into marriage as he jokes about only being a year older than his mother in law and 3 years older than his father in law. He goes on when Heather asks him about marriage advice to say that getting married in the first place is the problem as he lets out a laugh.

The rest of his time on the show is spent speaking on the presidential debate. Although he’s friends with Donald Trump, King thinks that he doesn’t believe half the things he says. Honestly saying he would be inclined to vote for Hillary as a democrat he leaves his opinion on the matter at that.

Watch the full interview above and keep up with Larry King on Twitter @kingsthings.

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