Larenz Tate Uncut: Doesn’t Care for an Oscar, Project With Laurence Fishburne + O-Dog for President

Video by YSKSK Media

From the intense and dangerous O-Dog in “Menace 2 Society” to the softer Darius in “Love Jones,” Larenz Tate‘s well rounded acting ability has kept him busy in films and television for decades. With his new show “Game Of Silence” premiering Tuesday, April 12th, on NBC he joins Sway in the Morning to catch us up on all the exciting things happening in his life.

Starting things off by showing gratitude to NBC for thinking of him for “Game of Silence,” Tate speaks on network TV vs. alternative platforms. While on the subject he also opens up about how TV has become much more diverse than film has audiences are getting more and more into binge watching shows. Better writers and directors have called for better talent as the likes of Don Cheadle, Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson have transitioned into television. Breaking down “Game Of Silence” we hear Tate become incredibly excited about the story line and how it allows viewers to become hooked rather easily.

As DB hands Tate a copy of “Love Jones” to sign Tate goes into his relationship with Nia Long as he reveals the two have been looking for the right script to put together a sequel for the 1997 film. From there Tate opens up about his family and the possibility of his three sons breaking into the entertainment industry one day. While he’s not ready for them to start now, he’s open to the idea if they’re willing to put in the work.

As he gets deeper into family talk, Tate can barely hold his excitement in as he lists off a trio of upcoming projects including a podcast with the incredible Laurence Fishburne. Revealing that Fishburne left him a voicemail about his character O-Dog in “Menace 2 Society,” Tate says that Fishburne is one of his biggest idols.

Check out the full interview above and make sure to tune into NBC on Tuesday, April 12th, for “Game of Silence.”

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