Lance Bass Talks Co-Hosting New Show on MTV + Sits In On Celebrity Wire on Sway In The Morning

Lance Bass stopped by Sway In The Morning to promote his upcoming show 90s House. The multifaceted star also talked about his marriage, touched on his sexuality, and sits in on celebrity wire.

90s House is a series that features Christina Milian as a co-host and includes twelve young millennials, all in their early 20s, coexisting in a house that is essentially stuck in the 90s. The cast members have to use jargon, dress, and use technology that’s all from the 90s. This means no wifi, no smartphones, and, worst of all, dial-up internet. Let’s hope they at least get to avoid Trump for the duration.

The show premieres September 26 on MTV at 11/10 C. For now, check out the full interview below and hear more about him and Sway’s MTV stints, gayby showers, and more.

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