LA Schools To Reopen After Threat Declared A Hoax

LA Schools To Reopen After Threat Declared A Hoax

From Robert Dear’s vicious attack on a Planned Parenthood location in November, to the December 2nd assault at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, it’s no secret that mass shootings are an issue in America. While the source of increasing gun violence is a hotly debated topic in our current political landscape, particularly with the presidential race heating up; many are simply not trying to take any chances.

Over 640,000 students in the Los Angeles Unified School District were sent home early Tuesday morning, after an email from someone claiming to be an LA high school student, indicated that an attack was imminent. Initially portraying themselves as a bullied teen seeking retaliation, the writer aroused suspicion after using jihadist terms incorrectly.

The email communication, which was also sent to officials in New York City, was later deemed to be a hoax; prompting NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton to advise that LA officials had overreacted in closing their school system, which is the second-largest in the country.

Speaking to reporters, Bratton shrugged off the incident saying, “The instigator of the threat may be a ‘Homeland’ fan. Basically, watching ‘Homeland’ episodes that it mirrors, a lot of recent episodes of Homeland… This is not a credible threat. This is not something we’re concerned with.”

Others however, feel its better to be safe than sorry. Including Los Angeles superintendent Ramon Cortines who explained, “Based on past circumstances, I could not take the chance. All schools in the district are being checked.”

With school and campus shootings becoming normalized in our society, it’s hard to argue that each threat shouldn’t be treated as credible, until proven otherwise.



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