Kyrie Irving Covers ‘NBA 2K18’

Kyrie Irving Covers ‘NBA 2K18’

With the 2017 NBA Finals officially under way, today we get a look at the future of NBA2K. Today the word comes down that Kyrie Irving Covers ‘NBA 2K18’. Coming off a stellar year running the point for the Cleveland Cavs, Kyrie gets to grace the cover of next seasons game.

This is the first time that a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers has covered the game, though Lebron covered NBA2K14 as a member of the Miami Heat. Kyrie isn’t the only one on the cover this year though as Shaq will make his way to the cover of the Legend Edition. This is certainly a good look for Kyrie, now let’s see what happens with the 2017 NBA Finals. Check out the cover above and preorder the game now at GameStop.

Photo provided by 2K Sports

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