KXNG CROOKED (fka Crooked I), SMH Records & One Shot BTS Footage

One Shot Press Photo

Hop on board this virtual tour bus as Slaughterhouse’s own KXNG CROOKED (fka Crooked I) and his label SMH Records hit Detroit,Atlanta, Louisville, New York and Charlotte — home of the SMH headquarters. The KXNG gets up close and personal, as we learn about the inner-workings of the SMH record label, along with KXNG CROOKED’s upcoming release “Sex, Money and Hip-Hop,” a mixtape experience. CROOKED also provides further insight into his 2015 TV Show One Shot with the legendary Sway and Tech.

Appearances in the video include KXNG CROOKED, Mike Smith, Jonathan Hay, Russ Smith (NBA Player), DJ King Tech, Horseshoe Gang, John Nicholas, Sway Calloway, Sabrina Hale and Mike Trampe.

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