Kweku Collins Takes Uncle Sam Head On with “Death Of A Salesman”

Kweku Collins Takes Uncle Sam Head On with “Death Of A Salesman”

Don’t let Odd Couple‘s dreamy production fool you, Kweku Collins is going for much more than a vibe on his latest track “Death Of A Salesman.”

Going after Uncle Sam and police violence, Collins’ latest gem will appear on his forthcoming project “Nat Love” due out April 8th. “It’s [Nat Love] about creating a place for yourself where you otherwise have none. It’s hard to explain; it’s kinda like a chisel taken to a sculpture with no defining features,” Collins told Billbaord.

It’s safe to say that Collins has found a definitive voice coming from the unfortunately violent city of Chicago. He raps about the notion of Uncle Sam, looking down on him and seeing only a ball player or a rapper because of the cards he was dealt. Odd Couple pieces together a nursery-rhyme like feeling on the deep cut, making you really think twice about the subject matter at hand. Are people taking violence as a joke? Are we being manipulated by authority? Kweku Collins attempts to answer all these questions with a flow all his own.

Check out the track below and keep an eye on the impressive work of Kweku Collins on Twitter @KwekuCollins.

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