KRS-One is Back in a Big Way – with a New Single and Album Announcement

A new track from hip-hop’s original teacher in 2015? This is happening, KRS-One is back with a new single, “Drugs Won” off his upcoming album, “Now Hear This,” set to drop November 24th on producer Predator Prime’s Bandcamp page.

For those of you who are scared KRS adopted to rap music’s new trends, don’t be. He keeps it all the way classic in this new boom-bap banger, addressing social issues in the same grimy and ferocious way we love him for. With black & brown men constantly being locked up for minuscule weed crimes, KRS says, “How could a harmless natural herb lead to a felony?” Keep listening to the track for a break down of America’s unjust private prison complex in a simple and effective way.

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