Kottonmouth Kings Member Saint Dog Has Passed Away

Kottonmouth Kings Member Saint Dog Has Passed Away

Saint Dog of the Southern California hip hop group Kottonmouth Kings, has passed away. Saint was one of the founding members of the group of three MCs in the trio, alongside D-Loc and Johnny Richter. According to TMZ, Saint,  whose real name is Steven Thronson, was found dead early Wednesday morning at a friend’s house in Victorville, CA. A friend found him struggling to breathe in one of the home’s bedrooms, and called 911.

He was only with the group for its initial years — having appeared on 4 of their early projects, including … “Stoners Reeking Havoc,” “Royal Highness,” “Stash Box” and “Hidden Stash.” Saint went solo for a while before returning to collab with KMK. He is mostly known for their early hits like “Suburban Life,” “Bump,” “Dog’s Life,” “Play On,” among others.

Suburban Noize Records exec Kevin Zinger released a statement saying “Anyone that knew Steve saw what a big heart he had. Some of my fondest memories was watching Steve stop the music in the middle of a Kottonmouth Kings show to bring a handicapped fan in a wheelchair on stage so that he could have a better view of the show and even join in singing a few songs. That was just the kind of person Steve was and he touched so many people in a positive way.”

He added, “His legacy will live on in his music and our hearts go out to his Son Max and his entire family, friends and fans worldwide.”

Saint Dog was 44.


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