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Kool Keith Calls out Rappers Who Sound Alike and Don’t Write Their Own Lyrics + New Album & Freestyles Live!

Kool Keith has released over 30 albums in his long-lasting career. Joining Sway in the Morning this week he opens up about his latest release, “Feature Magnetic.”

Continuing to travel the country and staying active in the industry he speaks on other members of the Ultramagnetic MC’s and how they haven’t quite evolved like he has. Coming up in the golden age of rap he speaks on writing his own raps and calls out those that don’t. Laying it out there that all exceptional artists write their own rhymes.

Continuing on about recent artists that have broken out, Keith speaks on how a majority of what’s coming out currently sounds the same. Condemning artists that aim to sound like someone who is currently big he jokes that many people in the industry are on Drake’s dick.

During the rest of his time on the show Keith talks about how he dealt with labels over the year as well as urging artists like Jay Z and Nas to continue releasing music on a regular basis.

Watch the full interview above along with a killer freestyle above and keep up with Kool Keith on Twitter @UltraMan7000.


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