Kobe Bryant Lists Personal Top 5 Toughest Players He’s Played Against

Kobe Bryant is a competitor.

If that statement sat in plain view of anyone that has even a basic knowledge of basketball within the last 20 years, odds are they would nod in agreement and not think twice. Why would they? Since the 18 year old kid with a confident often mistook as “cocky” smirk touched the hardwood floor, he has made fans believe he would be one of the greatest and as his final season winds down it is safe to say – mission accomplished.

Sometimes that competitive edge comes with a bit too much pride but nothing even remotely close as Kobe begins to let fans see a different side. As a fixture when names get brought up regarding “Who can stop ____?”, it is cool yet almost strange to hear Bryant give a list of opponents he feels were tough to match. Hard to argue with his five though, isn’t it?

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