King Tech Opens Up About His “One Shot” In the Music Industry

King Tech Opens Up About His “One Shot” In the Music Industry

Interview by Skyyhook

Many people may know the story of how “Flynamic Force” B-Boy and DJ extraordinaire King Tech got his start with Sway Calloway in California’s Bay Area, but most are unaware of the way the man behind the myth operates as a whole.

Well, we were presented with a rare opportunity to get him to sit down and go on the record about his new BET show called “One Shot” and few other topics that we wanted to speak to him about! As expected he did not disappoint!

Check out our convo with the legendary music titan and impresario King Tech below!

SU: When you were first approached about doing the “One Shot” show, what was your initial thought? Did you think it could work?

King Tech: I felt like it was kind of needed and was about time really. Crooked I or KXNG CROOKED now, really had this idea for a while. Crooked and us have been friends for over 15 years. He is genuinely a good dude. Words or even bullets can’t damage his Spirit. He is at the next level of his spiritual growth, really amazing to watch. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you how many of these famous rappers were inspired by Crook and in some cases literally stole words, patterns and even styles from him, but i don’t wanna go there. We did a song together called “If You Ever Hear Me”. He put everything on the line on that record. It’s one of the best records I have ever heard.

Man even if he was starting a rap battle cooking and baking show, while jumping out of airplanes into shark infested waters blindfolded, we still would have helped him! It takes years for Sway and I to have that type of respect for a person. I think Crooked and Rza and a few other guys are the only people that have never let us down ever! I have 10,000 numbers in my phone, only take calls from 15 to 20 people, that’s the honest truth.

SU: You have broken some of the most incredible Hip Hop talents to ever pick up microphones. Was there anything about “One Shot” that gave you hope or encouragement that you may find more of that type of ground breaking talent?

King Tech: Absolutely, there are a lot of talented people around the U.S., but most don’t know anything about the business side of it, or even how to really get in the game. That’s what “The Wake Up Show” did for many people. They already had the talent when they came on the show, we just brought it out front so that the world could hear. In this case, One Shot will get them T.V. time, which is important because if they have the talent, they can now be discovered. Even if they don’t win it all, there will be other record labels or music moguls that may want to sign them. For example, when Crooked I rhymed on The Wake Up Show an it was broadcasted on BET, he was standing next to Chino Xl rhyming. Suge Knight saw it while he was locked up, but was like damn I need to sign that kid Crooked. So yes, we meet a lot of talented people, and we love to help out when and where we can, but they have no idea the hard work it will take to get to the next level. It will definitely test not only their skills, but also test their determination and spirit.

SU: You and your best friend Sway have pioneered and perfected so many moving parts of the the Hip Hop game. Is there anything else you would like to do out here in the Hip Hop streets that you have yet to attempt and why or why not?

King Tech: Hmm, I am not really sure what it is that we haven’t done. Had our own label, clothing line, radio show. Directed our own videos, did our own marketing company. Got a lot of artists signed to other major labels. Sway and I have literally done almost everything. I took a few steps back when I saw how the bullsh*t was coming in and taking over the rap game. I loved hip hip for what it stood for, and i feel like some of that or a lot of it has been lost. Now Sway, he is a lot better with dealing with the B.S of the game, and the B.S. people that come and go on a yearly basis. I am very fortunate to have Sway and his cool and calm personality on my team. God bless that dude, his patience are unbelievable! I can’t do it, if its a cubic zirconia and not a real diamond, i can’t deal with it!.. I’ll even deal with a diamond in the rough. But, Sway might see or hear a Zirconia and will give a it a shot and let it shine for a while and let people look and smile and take a few photos. I’ll come right behind him with a hammer and “ WAACCKKK”, smash it, into 5000 pieces, and be like “Sway its a fake man, you know it, I know it, lets move on!” Even if Sway runs for the president of the United States, he will always need a guy with a hammer. I think you know what I’m saying, everyone needs a real, i mean real person in their life. Not fans and groupies, or yes men as they call it. I’m really speaking to a lot of artists out there in a sense.

SU: Is there something that you wish all up and coming or aspiring artists knew prior to stepping into the Hip Hop industry arena?

King Tech: If you are not willing to work hard, do not even try and come in it. Hard work beats out talent 95% of the time. Or, just do it for fun and keep your 9 to 5 or continue going to school. The hours are taxing on the mind and body. Also, make sure you get advice from real people in the game, not cousins or aunts or family members. Be real with yourself. If you can do a few cartwheels, your people shouldn’t tell you, “yo, I think you should enter the olympics yo!”.

SU: Many know that you are all about giving back to the community and that you believe it’s critical to replace that with which you take out of it. One Shot seems to have allowed you to give back to the culture that you love in a super meaningful way. What would you say this show been able to provide for you on a personal level Tech?

King Tech: I love to see people achieve their goals or at least help get them to somewhere or a platform so they can get their shot! I have never been worried about helping myself, my guardian angels take care of me in ways i can’t explain but that’s a whole other convo. I don’t have a personal Twitter, just one for the Wake Up Show, no Facebook, no Instagram, none of that sh*t. I don’t want anyone following me and i don’t wanna follow anybody. I follow what’s in my heart and God, that’s it. Oh, and Sway, whatever he needs, I mean if he was dying and needed a heart transplant, i would give him mine, no questions asked, but he already knows that. If i ever get all that social media sh*t, it’s because Sway made me do it! So, pushing people forward and finding talent has always been really easy for me, especially in the studio. I can hear patterns, bars and melodies in my sleep. Whoever wins this thing, will get a lot of help from me if they want to make an incredible mind blowing record. I feed off of energy, if their energy is special, I’m all in but the moment i feel like something is bullshit, my creative brain shuts off. I then become a George Clooney movie, “Good night and Good Luck!”

SU: We had a blast on the World Famous Wake Up Show a while back as we came to be familiar with acts like Your Old Droog and Action Bronson because of their similarity to artists that we already knew and loved. What is your final decision on the debate over whether or not it is OK for artists to sound like legends? Are you pro or con?

King Tech: Even though I respect the OG’s a lot more for innovating and having the courage to invent new styles, like a Rakim, KRS-One or an Ice Cube or whomever, even those guys will tell you someone before them inspired them to write or spit the way they do. DMC from RUN DMC even said he loved Grand Master Cas aka GMC so much that he made his name DMC. So yes, as long as you are not totally biting a style and are just being inspired by it, I’m o.k. with it. That goes for painters, B-Boys, whatever. If you are jacking some sh*t, make sure you at least give the OG dude props! I hate how the new hip hop cats seem like they disrespect the O.Gs like they never existed. Why does Rock give there old school so much props and we don’t, I don’t get it!

SU: Do you have any parting words for the future contests and hopefuls out there?

King Tech: If you’re super dope or I guess super wack please show up! Both make good tv I guess but the just o.k. hobby rappers hmm please stay home! I feel like the internet got people fooled, no one knows what the hell is dope or wack anymore. But if you’ve been tested on your skills and you think you are ready, we are the show and the people you want to get next to.

Thanks again to King Tech and be sure to check him and our fearless leader Sway out for “One Shot” on BET Tuesday’s at 10 PM EDT and also on Sway In The Morning and The Wake Up Show on Sirius XM’s Shade45!

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