King Los & R. Kelly give "Glory to the Lord"

King Los &  R. Kelly give "Glory to the Lord"

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

It’s a rare sound to hear a rapper’s Faith in The Lord. For more reasons than one, being “hard” seems to be the biggest trend within the Hip Hop community.


King Los decided to switch it up and shine some light on his Lord, and R. Kelly co-signs in this track titled, “Glory to the Lord.” King Los speaks on his struggles growing up in Baltimore — and as he buckles his seat belt preparing for his ride of release album, God Money War this young King clearly states in “Glory to the lord” his appreciation for his blessings, as he raps:

I mean, I could have been broke in a Honda Accord/ Now I don’t rock it if it don’t say Tom Ford

Meanwhile, Kells crowns himself the R&B James Brown with a hardy hallelujah!

R.Kelly jumps on the hook, bringing the gospel Hip Hop track to a full circle.


King Los stopped by Sway in the Morning a while back and revealed that he is “cool with Diddy, but no longer with Bad Boy,” and even premiered his (then new) song “Woke Up Like This” — but you know we couldn’t let this MC leave with out doing the 5 Fingers of Death! Peep his in-studio flow, below:

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