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Kim Cattrall Discusses Ageism in Hollywood, New Series ‘Sensitive Skin’, and That She Doesn’t Wear Panties

Sex and the City exists in Sway’s Universe.

Sometimes when a person walks into the room, their presence just brings a different sense of joy and warmth. Our recent guest Kim Cattrall, brought that with her as Sway took full advantage grabbing a quick hug from the Sex and the City star. That love extends beyond the on-screen persona as she gave listeners some really priceless advice.

Shifting things in a different direction after being faced with an age old problem Hollywood seems to have with talent over a certain threshold, always looking for the new hot something, she took matters into her own hands putting her Executive Producer hat on to change the landscape. Thus giving birth to a brand new series ‘Sensitive Skin‘ driven by the need to create something relatable to those facing the same thing, never really being properly represented in movies and television shows. That passion led the show to being picked up by Netflix and even an International Emmy nomination for the Canadian production company. You can also check it on iTunes.

Enjoy the full interview below and if it causes you to binge watch ‘Sensitive Skin‘ this weekend, we won’t judge you. We’ll probably be doing the exact same thing.

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