Kid n Play on Being the First Rappers in Fashion & Creating the ‘Martin’ Theme Song

Video by PVA Ent

How many of you have hit that Kid n Play dance whether it was at a house party, family cookout or just having a good time? Majority would have to say yes, if you haven’t done it yourself you’re definitely familiar with the dance but they brought so much more.

What about the two early on? Play was more so following a “gangster” approach early on, while Kid had his head heavy into the books. Combine the two and you have a well balanced friendship that eventually turned into the dynamic duo that we know today. That duo ended creating comic books, cartoon series and of course movies beyond just music.

A younger generation may be familiar with them thanks to House Party films but before they were on a big screen, Sway was putting West Coast listeners onto their music dropping hits like “Last Night” with King Tech. Their style was fresh and original from the hair to the clothes, fun fact that many may not know is Play had a clothing collection way before many of the “moguls” today launched a brand. Who remembers those fresh Salt n Pepa jackets? Those came from his line.

Although life took the two in different directions as Kid took on comedy and Play focused more on his faith, they still remain one of the tightest tandems of all-time and will be hitting the road once again for the I Love The 90’s tour.

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