Kid Ink Discusses Relationship With R. Kelly, Linking up with Young Thug and Migos + Writes a Hook on the Spot & Does a Lyrical Breakdown of "Round Here"

Moving at “Full Speed,” Kid Ink takes time out of his busy schedule to join the Sway In The Morning studios. We hear a first hand account of the recording process, working with the vast talent featured on the project as well as a breakdown of the lyrics to “Round Here.”

With an abundance of A-list features including R. Kelly, Usher, Chris Brown, Tinashe, Migos and many more, Kid Ink outlines the recording process of his sophomore album. We also hear about his relationship with R. Kelly and how he was introduced to Young Thug and Migos.

Touching on other subjects from his Valentines Day plans with his girlfriend to his various charity work, Kid Ink gives the fans insight into what a day in his life is really like. Showcasing his incredible writing talent Sway challenges Kid Ink to write a hook over a classic West Coast style beat in just three minutes! Rounding off his time in the studio with a lyrical breakdown of his track “Round Here” we hear the vision behind the looming banger.

You can now stream “Full Speed” in its entirety as well as purchase on iTunes, keep up with Kid Ink on Twitter @Kid_Ink.

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