Kevin Hart Uncensored: Responds To Mike Epps & Aries Spears For First Time; Gives Secret To Hollywood!

Nobody in the game is on Kevin Hart’s level right now, the star of “Get Hard” with Will Ferrell stopped by Sway In The Morning to speak on his recent success as well as respond to comments made about him by Mike Epps and Aries Spears.

Starting things off with Sway naming off some of Kevin’s latest accomplishments including becoming the first comedian to headline an NFL stadium with his recent announcement of a show at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Kevin is taken back by Sway’s excessive research.  Along with the announcement of the Lincoln Financial Field show, Kevin reveals that he sold out 3 shows at MSG as well as 2 shows at The Barclay’s Center in a day!

Discussing his upcoming “What Now” tour, we hear Kevin’s new blueprint for success and the hard work and production that goes into each and every show he does.  Bringing rock and roll to standup comedy, the “What Now” special will be Kevin’s best special to date according to him.

Speaking some serious knowledge on the key to gaining success in Hollywood, Kevin candidly discusses the work that has gone into his digital platforms and his HartBeat Productions.  Revealing that you’re always your best marketer, Kevin’s passion is unmatched by anyone in the game right now.

Transitioning into a more serious topic, Sway plays some audio from recent interviews with both Mike Epps and Aries Spears who claim most of his content comes from other people.  With all of his content self-based on his life, kids, relationships, home situation and more Kevin responds by saying he has nothing by love for fellow comedians as he is confused as to how Epps and Spears have time to comment on his career.

Check out the full interview below to hear everything else Kevin Hart has to say, a man of passion and determination Kevin Hart will be in the game for a very long time.

  1. terrible interview. Sway talked about other people instead of talking about Kevin. Kevin continue to do your thing. you are funny as hell. I love you. Other people hating because they are not you.

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