Kevin Hart Opens Up on Social Media Revenge, Dave Chappelle as Best Stand-Up Comedian, How to Defeat Hate + Chocolate Droppa Freestyle!

Kevin Hart is undoubtably one the most hard working and genuine actors and comedians in recent memory. Coming off the tremendous success of the “Ride Along” movies with Ice Cube he’s now preparing for the release of a new film titled “Central Intelligence” with The Rock.

Joining the show he starts by breaking down his interactions with people on social media after recently responding to a woman on Instagram. He states that there’s a lot of energy that goes into being angry so while he feels the need to clack back every so often he does it in a very specific way.

After speaking on social media he’s temped by Sway to bring out his alter ego Chocolate Droppa as he throws down some “real, raw rap” in a hilarious freestyle.

Moving forward he shows his passion and love for “Central Intelligence” as he walks the crew through the story line and its underlying message for kids who have been bullied. Reversing their usual roles, Kevin opens up about being the serious character in the film while The Rock handles the majority of the comedy.

Ending things with a game Kevin breaks down the genius behind the comedy of Dave Chappelle, Louis CK, Robin Williams and Jim Carrey.

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