Kevin Durant Responds To The Haters On Twitter

Kevin Durant Responds To The Haters On Twitter

After winning his first title with the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant is back with his critics in the cross hairs. Today Kevin Durant Responds To The Haters On Twitter, doing so by speaking to anyone on his timeline with an opinion. The Warriors star took to Twitter to defend himself against fans who tweeted things such as “@KDTrey5 aye, why do u like the easy way out? Why not work hard like Kobe and other legends?”, “@KDTrey5 god imagine if all the basketball legends did what you did and joined the team that beat them in the playoffs,” and even “@KDTrey5 Did Shaq leave Orlando to go to the Lakers when the Lakers won a championship the season before? NO. He helped bring a championship.”

However, KD had all the answers, responding with tweets like “but u wasn’t with me shooting in the gym tho, so how do u know my work habits?” and more. While we all have our thoughts on the subject, it looks like Mr. Durant has all the right answers. Speak your thoughts on the back and forth below and stay tuned for more sports news coming soon!

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