Keven Undergaro Interview: Meeting Girlfriend Maria Menounos at His Lowest Point

Keven Undergaro Interview: Meeting Girlfriend Maria Menounos at His Lowest Point

Video by YSKSK Media

Keven Undergaro…great writer, even better producer and someone who loves to see talented people win always seeming to take pride and joy in helping others excel. That passion has placed him behind the scenes for most of his career but he thoroughly and genuinely enjoys it, you can tell from start to finish during his visit to SITM.

That selflessness has led to some great successes including being the head writer at MTV, being Emmy nominated and a New York Times best seller but it hasn’t always been that way. Admitting to an extremely hard fall after investing heavily into a film that went bottom up putting him in a homeless situation facing bankruptcy. But, in bitterness there is still normally something sweet to found and in this instance it was long time girlfriend Maria Menounos.

Coming out of such a tough situation with her at his side, he put his all into her career making a promise that she would never have to go through what he had to. Safe to say after doing generating 1B downloads last year, creating 100 hours of original content per week, closely working with 6 studios and 200 hosts through their AfterBuzz TV network his word is bond. Although he likes staying behind the scenes his beautiful “celebrity girlfriend” thrives in front of the camera.

Undergaro jokes about Marlon Wayans, who is a close friend of the two, calling her “Bubble Lady” because of her nice figure. It’s noticeable to everyone including Sway as he asks flat out in a world of plastic and injections if her butt is real or not? Pure comedy follows as he proudly admits it is 100% real and laughs patting himself on the back for having such a beautiful girlfriend. 19 years they have been together, which is a long time some may add without being married, well that all changed this morning as the couple became newly engaged before leaving the Sirius studios.

We wish the two of them a lifetime of happiness and much continued success. Make sure you check out ‘The Tomorrow Show‘ Mondays and Thursdays 10-midnight EST right here or listen in via iTunes.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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