Kenosha Wisconsin police Shoot Jacob Blake In The Back 7 Times

Kenosha Wisconsin police Shoot Jacob Blake In The Back 7 Times

It seems ridiculous to have to start these types of posts with “It happened again!”. But IT HAPPENED AGAIN! In the wake of George Floyd’s death and the active push to hold police accountable for the deaths of Brianna Taylor and Elijah McClain, it seems silly to say that the police shot a man in the back 7 times in front of his children in broad daylight. Unfortunately, those are the facts that we know of Sunday’s Police involved shooting of 29-year old Jacob Blake.

A bystander’s video has gone viral and shows the officer grab Blake by the back of his shirt as he tried to get into a vehicle, then shoot him seven times at the point-blank range. See the video below posted on Attorney Ben Crump’s Twitter page:

Warning: These images are graphic

Jacob Blake underwent surgery Sunday night and was in stable condition Monday, his family and attorney said. But the city of Kenosha is in outrage and is actively protesting yet another shooting of an unarmed black man.

Blake’s family launched an online fundraising effort Monday, quickly raising more than $150,000 in donations by late afternoon. A regional representative with GoFundMe confirmed the account was authentic. If you are looking for something to do to help with this specific situation, you should look to donate. As time goes on the medical bills and lawyer fees will start to pile up for this family. The police union will cover any and everything for the cops involved, so we need to support the victims and make sure they have the financial backing needed to carry them fully through this.

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