Kendrick Lamar, Reebok Break New Ground in “Respect the Classic”

This entire Reebok and Kendrick collaboration has brought back some proud memories/good feelings of Reebok, Jadakiss and Iverson back in the day while still maintaining the originality/vision of Kendrick. From the time he was 13, one of Compton’s finest knew exactly what he wanted out of life – putting his pen and lyrical skills to the test as he walks tall in his brand new Reebok Perfect Split shoes.

“In a world where content is increasingly disposable, Reebok Classic celebrates creative art forms in their most real and original formats. Nabil’s distinctive aesthetic features a nostalgic edge, using vintage film equipment to capture Kendrick at his most raw and characterful. Kendrick shares his first experience of the Classic Leather through a candid film that celebrates individuality, inspires self-expression and is rooted in authenticity. Respect the classic to create the future.”

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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