Kendrick Lamar Joins Beyoncé for a Fiery Performance of “Freedom” to Start the 2016 BET Awards

Kendrick Lamar Joins Beyoncé for a Fiery Performance of “Freedom” to Start the 2016 BET Awards

Settled tightly between hits on her latest release, “Lemonade,” Beyoncé fights against the rain and thunderous storm those looking down on women bring forth daily in her song “Freedom.” A powerful statement alone, Beyoncé opened up the 2016 BET Awards last night with a boisterous performance of the track.

Red flashes of light come alive as she sings, “I’m telling these tears, ‘Go and fall away, fall away’ May the last one burn into flames.” She splashes through the rain as she fights against the tide. Surprising fans out of the gate Queen Bey had one more trick up her sleeve as Kendrick Lamar appeared from out of the floor following a break down in the track and a short dance routine.

Adding to the theme of the song Kendrick counts down from 10 to 5 rattling off statements about the media and police aimed at the overall idea of oppression. His energy matched that of Beyoncé’s as the two took the stage together for the very first time. He ends things with a bang as the last line rings out, “And when they carve my name inside the concrete I pray it forever reads,” the vocals cut there as Beyoncé picks up from the chorus singing out “Freedom.”

Watch the incredible performance below and keep up with each line with the Genius annotated lyrics as well.

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