Kendrick Lamar Honored with Key to Compton #KeytoCPT

Kendrick Lamar Honored with Key to Compton #KeytoCPT

The voice of Compton and Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar was honored this past week by receiving a key to the city. From day one if you knew nothing else about you were fully aware that he had every intention of leaving his city in much better place than he found it.

If you ask his fans whether or not he’s accomplished it yet, they’d give you an emphatic “yes”. But in his opinion there is still work to be done and lives to touch through both music as well as within his own community of Compton, stating “My message to them is that it don’t stop here. Continue to practice the dream, whatever that dream is. It’s the biggest thing. It’s really not about how famous I get, it’s really about me utilizing my platform and giving it back to these kids because that’s what I wanted as a kid.”

Not only is he leading by example showing kids that you can in fact achieve your dreams despite how they might sound to others but he is also inspiring adults to look within their own community to have a more positive impact. With songs like “Alright” and full bodies of work like ‘To Pimp a Butterfly‘ gaining recognition on the largest of music stages, the GRAMMYs, tonight just goes to show that quality/substance will always shine through.

Your gift will make room. Congratulations Kendrick, well deserved.

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sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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