Keke Palmer Talks Harvey Weinstein + Sexting 101 + New Career Moves and more

Multifaceted entertainer Keke Palmer came into Sway In The Morning and spoke about her transition into adulthood on film. She was immediately asked about the sensitive issue surrounding Harry Weinstein and reveals a time when Ice Cube pulled her to the side and cautioned her about seemingly innocent interactions with men.

Palmer continued to say that she believes that children actors should be required to have therapy at least once a week. The 24-year-old further explained that as a child star, one is asked to pull emotions that they have not yet experienced which can lead to untended deep-rooted issues.

The star continued to go into the elevation in her career, from music to acting. She’s currently in a show on EPIX, Berlin Station, which premieres October 15 at 9 pm EST. Check out the full interview above and listen to her latest song, featuring Quavo, below.

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