Kehlani Takes to the “Suicide Squad” Soundtrack to Look For a “Gangsta”

Kehlani Takes to the “Suicide Squad” Soundtrack to Look For a “Gangsta”
Photo by Andres Tardio

Kehlani is no stranger to creating music that pulls at people’s emotions. Recently recruited for the “Suicide Squad” soundtrack she trades in her bright and bubbly sound for something darker and more intimate as she looks for a “Gangsta” to keep her satisfied.

Premiering  this morning on Beats 1, Zane Lowe spoke to the film’s director David Ayer who spoke on the tone of the track. “It just blends into the fabric of the film,” he says. “It speaks a lot to relationships and making a choice and at the same time how there’s also power in surrendering to somebody.”

Stream below and hit the links to check out Kehlani’s most recent tracks “CRZY” and “Distraction.”

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