Kehlani Stunts On Haters With "How That Taste"

Kehlani released How That Taste, an show off and stunt anthem.

The budding R&B star aims to claim 2015 as her year.  On her successful debut EP, Cloud 19, Kehlani displayed impressive assets and a diverse style.  She worked on tracks with Chance the Rapper and Travis Scott and continues to grow her following.

On How That Taste, Kehlani makes sure to show out to all her haters as well as appreciate her loyal fans. Her standout demenore is on full display and vocals layer smoothly on this this powerful intrumental. If the rest of work is a good as her single, her upcoming project, You Should Be Here, should be promising.

Since her appearance on America’s Got Talent, Kehlani continues to grow as an artist.  There is no set date for the release of her next work, but you can bet it will be her biggest moment to date.

Until then check out How That Taste below, or her Cloud 19 project from last summer.


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