Kehlani Addresses Depression In “24/7”

It’s been more than a month since Kehlani posted a picture of her in a hospital bed due to a reported suicide attempt.

The incident was based around social media attacking the young artist when her ex beau PartyNextDoor put up a picture of Kehlani which ignited rumors to fly that she was cheating on her then boyfriend Kyrie Irving.  Irving claims they weren’t together when the picture was posted, but that didn’t stop the madness of some via Instagram and Twitter.  Kehlani recently took a break from everything, but now she’s back with “24/7”.

She starts the song with “It’s okay to not be okay, to dive in your pain…” and it’s clear that this song is addressing what she was going through.  I think anyone can relate to this track because as she says in the song: “I don’t know nobody who thinks that they’re somebody 24/7“.  It’s nice to see Kehlani back at it and hopefully she’s feeling much better.  Check it out below.


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