Katie Lowes on the Messiness of Making Out on Camera, Talks “Scandal” + Commends Kerry Washington’s Professionalism

With 5 seasons now in the books, “Scandal” has become one of the most exciting shows on television. Feeling closer to her role as ever, the fabulous Katie Lowes recently joined the Sway in the Morning crew to speak on her love for the show.

Explaining her relationship to the cast as being like family, Lowes elaborates on being closest with co-star Guillermo Diaz. With a weird twist of events that lead to them being love interests on the show, Lowes jokes that even her husband and Diaz are good friends. Admitting that finding out about their first kissing scene was weird, Lowes explains that making out on camera is incredibly technical and definitely feels like work.

Going from student to actor we hear Lowes take us through the process of her moving from NYC to LA to start her career. Giving advice on how to get started in the industry, Lowes tells the crew that she first found an agent by putting on a showcase to perform in front of managers and agents in the area.

Ending the interview on the topic of co-star Kerry Washington, Lowes cannot say enough about how professional Washington is all the time. Hearing from friends that No. 1’s on other shows are often times not prepared and come with a big ego, Lowes jokes about never complaining because Washington never would.

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