Kash Doll Speaks on Squashing Beef with Lil Kim, Working with Iggy Azalea + New Music

Kash Doll Speaks on Squashing Beef with Lil Kim, Working with Iggy Azalea + New Music

 The young artist has been about her music since 2014, but things went left quickly. A common mistake in the music industry is artists getting lockdown in contracts and moving too quickly to take the first opportunity that presents itself. This unfortunate situation happened to Kash Doll in 2015, and it took her till 2017 to get released from the contract. It came with a $500,000 ticket to be free, but she had to do what she had to do. The contract, which had a strain on her growth as an artist, surrounded the first portion of her career. “I’m grateful for the process, I didn’t know nothing about the business Sway”, she explains. She has no ill feelings towards the situation anymore but it has taught her how to move differently in the music industry because everybody doesn’t have your best interest at heart. 

Sway allowed Kash Doll to clear up some rumors and old beef. Kash Doll talked about how the issue between her and Lil Kim came about years ago. “I read that yall was cool now but I didn’t even know it was a problem”, Sway stated. Kash Doll gave the full back story of the issue, “Back in 2014 the people I was going to the studio with they told me it was this tour coming up and Lil Kim was headlining and she said she ain’t want you on it”, she explained. Being that she was a big fan of Lil Kim and aspired to work with her one day, it made her upset. Kash Doll held that grudge against the rap legend and took the anger to Twitter. She admitted that at the time she didn’t know it would get back to her and that she was in the moment. Fast forward years later, recently Lil Kim and Kash Doll crossed paths at the Rihanna concert. They talked and cleared things up. Kim expressed to the rapper how much she liked her music and even her as a person and Kash Doll apologized for her Twitter rant a couple of years ago. Both individuals were genuine and could move forward with no animosity, Kash Doll made a public apology via social media for her actions as well. “It’s not enough females in the game to be divided”, Sway stated. Seeing females in the game come together and uplift each other is a beautiful thing, and we should start seeing more of it. 

She also talked about working with Iggy Azalea on the track “F*ck it Up” and says that she had a good vibe and was cool. Kash Doll stated, “I am not the one that usually digs deep into things, I go off of vibes”. Therefore she was unaware of the backlash Iggy got from the black community in regards to cultural appropriation. Although this did not change how she feels about Iggy in any way it definitely was the push she needed to make sure she does research before agreeing to anything.

Kash Doll gifted us all with the track “Kitten” featuring Lil Wayne in June of this year. At that moment, it was no denying that Kash Doll is headed towards the top. She stated that “Lil Wayne has always been on her list”, so with the help of his daughter Reginae Carter, that collaboration was made possible. It started with Wayne and Kash Doll meeting each other officially when he came to Detroit where he said to her, “Ice Me Out Kash Doll” and at that moment she knew she had to make something shake. She sent a beat to him via Reginae and got it back 3 weeks later with his verse, and “that’s how Kitten was made”, Sway responded with.

It was great having Kash Doll in the studio and hearing about her journey in life and music. Her humble spirit and confidence make her who she is. She is representing the city of Detroit and is doing a great job of keeping the city on the map. She is an inspiration to many young female artists that are up and coming in music. This is only the beginning for her, if they hating on her now they really go be hating sooner rather than later. 

Check out the full interview below!

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