Karl Urban Shares Opinion On Gay Sulu + Leading Star Trek Role

Video by PVA

Portraying the famous Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy in “Star Trek Beyond” which hits theaters on Friday, Karl Urban joins Sway in the Morning to talk about the film.

With Sway continuing his dialogue about Star Trek setting the tone for the United Nations from Zoe Saldana’s stop to Sway in the Morning, Urban continues on about Star Trek’s run of staying on top of social issues. First airing in 1966, Urban brings up the fact that Star Trek was the first television show to air an interracial kiss which was censored in many states.

Going forward Urban opens up about George Takei’s former character Sulu being gay in the forthcoming film. Clearing the air about Takei’s words about the situation Urban says confidently that Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry would 100% agree with the decision.

Although this isn’t Urban’s first time portraying Bones in a Star Trek film he speaks to Sway and DB about his initial nerves about stepping into such a crucial role on a historic series.

Watch the full interview above and make sure to see “Star Trek Beyond” in theaters starting Friday.

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