Karen Hunter and Mike Muse Break Down the First Presidential Debate and How to Best Deal with Race Relations in America

With last night’s Presidential Debate fresh in everyones mind, Sway and the Crew had both Mike Muse and Karen Hunter on the show to break things down. Starting things off with just Mike Muse, he talks through a few talking points from the debate.

From Trump saying Clinton doesn’t look presidential to the back and forth on releasing tax returns and emails, Muse weighs in on who had the better points during the night.

As Hunter joins the studio things begin to heat up as both political analysts check each others opinions on how the candidates responded to fixing race relations and police violence.

While they both believe Clinton handled things with more rapport, they clash on how well her solutions would ultimately work. Watch the full conversation above and keep up with both Mike Muse and Karen Hunter on Twitter @iammikemuse and @karenhunter.

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