Imagine what it would be like to walk into a classroom and your professor turned out to be Kanye West, life changing right? Students at the L.A. Trade Technical College were given that opportunity as Yeezy continues to serve his (250) community service hours. We all remember the paparazzi incident that landed Ye in some trouble but his sentence is actually being turned into a blessing as he has a chance to impact young fashion minds.

His passion and interest in the industry has been noted numerous times so it should come as no surprise that he chose to teach the Art of Fashion. Eager students listened intently with cell phones out snapping pictures and recording video as “Professor West” lectured. There is no doubt they left class with a few gems and improved creative direction. This isn’t the first appearance for West as he has been spotted multiple times on the campus, visiting as well as lecturing. The question has to be asked, would you enroll in a professor West course?

Guess there is new meaning to the famous “Yeezy taught me” line now.

Ye Teaching

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