Kanye West Premieres Intimate "Only One" Video

As we have all watched the progression of Kanye West over the years, each of us with a different perspective on how he expresses his passion and creativity – a few things remained clear and agreed upon by us all. Kanye is probably the most innovative mind of this generation and his love is unmatched, never can be questioned. That love has always on been on display through content and areas of interest such as fashion, but it has never completely been exposed on a level that it is now as he wears the title of “family man” proud. We knew it would become a large part of his creative process and that was immediately apparent with the Vogue spread, but what about the music? The answer was brilliant and just so happened to be a collaborative effort with the legendary Paul McCartney for an intimate single entitled “Only One”.  Entering a fully transparent place, Mr. West not only gives us pieces of his mother watching from above but also delivers a touching tribute to his daughter. As he spoke the words “And no I didn’t pick the day to turn the page, I know it’s not the end every time I see her face” and “You got the world, cus you got love in your hands” it almost gives you chills as you can sense the indescribable connection he feels between his mother and his baby girl.

Take a look at the brand new video below as he continues to give us more to tell Nori about.

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