Kanye Brings in 2016 with Nothing but “Facts.” (Nike Diss)

Since 2004, Kanye West has been involved with what is the hot sound of the time. It’s rare he ever takes this long of a hiatus, but with a family and a clothing line, he has a reasonable excuse for all his stans out there. But on New Years, he may have given us a sign that 2016 might be Yeezy season.

The Metro-Boomin’ produced “Facts” is essentially a remix to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman,” with a Kanye-esque intro and outro. If I were to make a prediction — I think this is Kanye’s nod to Drake and Future for having a great year in 2015 and capturing the hot sound, but in reality, his album is going to be entirely different from this. But hey, with lines like “I stuck to my roots like I’m Jimmy Fallon,” and “Yeezy just jumped over jumpman,” who can complain that Kanye is back — even if Michael Jordan’s son did have his own reaction to the line.


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